Jock, the Cattle Dog

jock the cattle at BFJ Media


Name: Jock
Breed: Cattle
Age: 6 months
Master: Josh and Shannon from Jack Harlem
Trait: Eating anything near his mouth.
Jock is a pup. Anything within Jock’s reach is gone. Straight into his mouth for a good ole chewing. He’ll eat anything, food, water, toys, socks, his own leads, fingers, air, other dogs, you get the point. He’s an affectionate little fella who simply wants to play and nibble on things. Jock is a newcomer to Lightspace with more energy than a rat up a drainpipe.

The dogs of Lightspace….


Tips on Running a Successful Facebook Competition Campaign

Facebook Like Thumb-upFacebook competitions are currently all the rage. They are a fantastic tool of grabbing someone’s attention. Everyone loves a good deal, and better yet, no one can really resit the opportunity to receive something for free. It is a fun and engaging way to encourage people to like your page, therefore increasing traffic to your website and enhancing the performance of your business.

For instance, popular celebrity chef, Marion Grasby, hosted a Malaysian Curry Competition to celebrate the introduction of a new product to her food range. Result: 6030 new likes generated in the month long campaign. Facebook competitions are a powerful marketing tool that should not be overlooked, so here’s a few tips on running a successful Facebook competition campaign.

Brisbane marketing agency BFJ Media Facebook Competition tipsRead the T&Cs
It is important you familiarise yourself with Facebook’s promotion guidelines, because if you do not adhere to them, Facebook can and will remove your page. The Social Skinny provides an excellent article on Facebook’s new rules around Facebook competitions which came into play in September this year.

Create a fun & enticing graphic
It’s simple, create a graphic that attracts attention and draws them into learning more about the campaign. Whether you use an app or a post to run your competition, ensure that is captures the eye of your target audience. Depending on your campaign budget or in-house capabilities, hiring a professional graphic designer can go a long way in achieving this.

Provide the goods
This is self-explanatory . If you want people to enter your competition, your prize needs to be wanted. This will motivate the user into engaging with your brand and entering. As a rule of thumb, ensure that you offer something of value that everyone in your target audience will want.

Make sure your campaign fits with your overall marketing plan
An increase in “Likes” does not automatically create sales. Sure you may have many Facebook fans, but if you are not keeping up with the promotion of your business, you will find no significant return. Continually interact with your fans and provide them with relevant, engaging content. In a nut shell, keep them interested, keep them purchasing.

Write your rules
Competitions require rules, and it is important you clearly stipulate them. Provide a start and end date, and ensure to include an eligibility section. Also it is vital to include a disclaimer saying that Facebook is no way involved with the competition. Socially Stacked provides 10 handy tips for writing Facebook contest rules.

Budget for paid promotion
Aside from email marketing, in-store promotions and regular posts, another way to get the word out about your competition campaign is through paid advertising. Facebook offers paid targeted advertising and paid promotion of posts, easily created and monitored through Facebook ads manager or Facebook Power Editor. Set a suitable budget and take advantage of this tool to gain the exposure you need to achieve results.

Need further assistance with running a successful Facebook competition campaign? The team at BFJ Media, a Brisbane based full-service marketing agency, are helping clients achieve real leads and sales through Social Media Marketing. Simply get in touch with us to learn more.

Remarketing with Facebook

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a feature that lets you display ads to users who’ve previously visited your website as they browse the Web. It is a powerful tool in that it stimulates interest in an existing product or service which your potential customers have either visited or displayed some degree of curiosity in recent times. For example, when people leave your site, possibly due to an interruption or non-commitment, such as abandon the shopping cart just before making a purchase, remarketing helps you connect with these potential customers again.

One of the greatest advantages of a well thought out remarketing strategy is that the advertisements are targeted and tailed to a product or service that previous visitors may be genuinely interested in, based on past browsing behaviour. This can potentially recapture your customers’ attention and drive those visitors back to your site.
6 steps of remarketing

A suitable strategy

The first step is to evaluate your data. From here you can determine the most appropriate groups to target for particular products or services. This can apply to visitors who have viewed only one page to people who have abandoned a purchase at the final stage as mentioned above.

Rather than having a generic ad for all groups, you can create and apply an ad per product or service of interest. For example, if you offered 10 services, you create a customised ad for each one. This enables you to make the experience unique to the user and more aligned with their needs.

The benefit of using Facebook

Facebook Like Thumb-upFacebook remarketing targets visitors who have already visited your site or Facebook page and displays them with an advertisement that is compatible to their needs. The advantage of using Facebook is that the audience has already been established, the pages, posts and images that they have ‘liked’ and their online behaviour has already been summarised and provides very useful, real-time data.

Using Facebook’s ad platform, or Power Editor, advertisements can be created and targeted to many demographics using specific interest targeting or broader category targeting. Opposed to advertising elsewhere, Facebook advertising records higher conversion rates due to the use of branding and product images.

Another aspect of Facebook advertising is Facebook Exchange (FBX).

Facebook Exchange

Facebook Exchange is real time bidding system for remarketing Facebook ads that works together with digital signal processing (DSP) to enable advertisers to ensure they get the best prices and most effective placements of these ads, in real time. These advertisements are highly customisable allowing you to target users who have made actions outside of Facebook. How Facebook Exchange works:

  1. Facebook Exchange LogoA user visits a site that uses DSP already set up for Facebook Exchange.
  2. A tracking cookie is applied and the DSP contacts Facebook with the users anonymous details.
  3. Personalised ads are created and when the user next logs back into Facebook, the DSP is notified and allowed to put in a real-time bid to show the remarketing ads. The highest bidder gets the placement for their highly targeted ad.

The greatest benefit about Facebook Exchange is the real-time bids. This means when a user has browsed a site and left within out making a purchase or initiating online contact they are targeted very quickly with remarketing. The faster this happens, the more likely that it will turn into a conversion.

Confused? Don’t worry, we’re not.
At BFJ Media, a Brisbane based full service Marketing Agency, we love social media. We get social media. We understand how powerful it can be and how to harness that power to build your brand. Let us help you utilise the influential tool of Facebook advertising for your business.

The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors

Let’s be honest, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can be a very confusing, complex subject…

That’s why here at BFJ Media, a Brisbane based Digital Marketing Agency, we are very excited to share this little SEO gem we came across!

Created by Search Engine Land, The Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors explains some important “ranking factors” and best practices that can lead to success with both search engines and searchers.

SEO is all about increasing quality traffic to your website by lifting you to the top of search engine results pages. Good, sustainable SEO involves building an ethical strategy to build your presence and improve your brand’s reputation online, and the Period Table of SEO Success Factors is an excellent place to start thinking about making SEO work for your business.

”Search Get the chart!
Download the PDF printable version here.

Using a good SEO strategy will turn your business into a customer magnet by ensuring you outrank the competition online. Not only that, it will drive awareness of your brand and bring you more leads. As we often point out to our clients, if you’re not ranked number one by the search engines, your competition is.

Search engine optimisation is one of the most crucial components of a good digital strategy. Talk to us today about how we can turn your business website into a customer magnet by bumping you right to the top of search engine results – where you deserve to be.

5 Fantastic Reasons to Use Facebook Power Editor

Facebook QuotePower Editor is a free tool that replaces and enhances the capabilities of the Bulk Uploader. Power Editor makes it easy to create, edit and manage ads and campaigns in bulk, even across a large number of different ad accounts.


Facebook provides two different types of ad managing programs, the standard bulk uploader ads manager, this is the one you will most likely be familiar with, and another more advanced and extremely powerful, Power Editor.Facebook Power Editor

Facebook’s Power Editor, a Google Chrome plugin which can only be used in a Google Chrome Browser, gives you a lot more control over your ads. Here are five of Brisbane based marketing agency, BFJ Media’s, reasons why you should be using Power Editor for your Facebook ad campaigns:

1. Duplicate Button
This handy little button provides the simple, yet, extremely helpful function of duplicating ads. Perfect for splitting testing your ads, it saves you from the tedious job of clicking through, uploading, and setting your targeting for each of the slightly different ad variations you wish to spilt test. Instead, create one ad and duplicate it, now you have two ads. By duplicating again and again you can have four, eight, 16, 32, 64 ads, etc. Now you can click each individual ad and make that slight alteration you desire.


2. Custom Placement of Ads
Do you ever see ads popping up in your Newsfeed and wonder how they got there? With Power Editor, you’re not constrained to small ads section on the right-hand side of the Facebook page. The choice of mobile device placements is also another powerful function of Power Editor. The targeting options include Android or iOS, which can be defined further by iPhone, Ipod or iPad. Power Editor allows you to choose from a multitude of various ad placement locations, from Newsfeed placement to the small ads section on the right to desktop and mobile, or any combination of these positions.


3. Improved Targeting
Power Editor enables you to get very specific with whom you want your ad to be seen by. With the standard bulk uploader ads manager, marketers are limited to the use of interest and demographic targeting. Power Editor allows you to upload your own database lists, and also create similar target groups based on these database lists.

4. Create Unpublished Posts
With Power Editor you can create posts that are unpublished, these are used as promotional ads that will not be seen by your fans or anyone on your fan page. This is a powerful tool for advertising something for first-time users only, and not to existing fans. This targeting tool gives you the ability to create distinct messages to entice first-time users to like your page without inflicting the content on your existing fans.

5. Bidding
If you click the “Boost Post” button with the standard bulk uploader ads manager, you have no control over your bid. It’s automatically set to Optimized CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions) and budget options are very limited. Using Power Editor, you can promote the post and select the desired characteristics of your bid. This includes the choice between Optimzied CPM, CPM or CPC (cost per click). You are able to set your bid for CPM and CPC, as well as set the budget as you wish. Using Power Editor you have far more freedom to modify and control your bids.


Are you using Facebook ads and taking advantage of the Power Editor? Share with Brisbane based marketing agency, BFJ Media, what you’ve learned from using this advanced ad manager below. If you are yet to experience this great tool, follow Facebook’s guide here to download and start using Power Editor today!

Don’t forget about internal marketing!

The biggest mistake most marketers make is their failure to recognise the importance of communicating internally.

Empowered Employees

Customer service, brand building, relationship marketing: whatever your approach, it has to be made real by the people within your business. Too often when it comes to sharing your plans internally across all departments or aligning a master plan within the company, the act of communicating clearly and efficiently could be markedly improved. Consider this, if your employees do not know what your company’s marketing strategies are, how are they to help carry it out?

The implementation of any strategy begins by educating those who have to execute it, everyone in the company has to be informed, not just the marketing department. This is known as internal marketing and is used by marketers to motivate and empower employees to ensure customer satisfaction. The process involves extending and developing the foundations of marketing such as the marketing strategy, the exchange process and customer satisfaction models to internal employees. Such internal employees should be anyone involved in delivering value to the final customer (to be realistic, everyone) and could include marketing, production, operations, research, logistics, human resources, management, IT and customer service.

Like external marketing, internal marketing is dependent on communication, and problems arise when employees are not kept in the loop. There are three basic aspects of internal marketing communication: informing employees, empowering them, and listening to them.

Informing employees
Just as your marketing strategy incorporates various marketing communication functions and media to communicate with customers, so should your method of communicating with your staff. Similar to customers, employees have their preferred methods of receiving information. Therefore, good internal marketing makes us of various channels of communication, such as intranets, newsletters, email, bulletin boards, and face-to-face meetings with staff.

Empowering employees
Because internal marketing provides employees with information, it enhances employee empowerment, which essentially means giving employees the knowledge and resources to make decision about problems that affect customer relationships. Generally, those in the lower levels of an organisation are on the front line of customer contact. Therefore, it goes without saying that the more information these employees have, the better the decisions they will make.

Empowerment programs must be supported by training and contain information about company’s policies and procedures. A support programme with the objective to creating empowered employees must aim to inform employees about their role in satisfying customer and their role in the company’s success.

Listening to employees
Like external marketing, internal marketing is also dependent on two-way communication. If your internal communication is to have integrity, internal marketing must encourage and facilitate employee feedback. This allows management to known whether all departments understand and agree with internal marketing messages and have their support in various marketing communication programmes. More importantly, listening to employees can provide valuable real-time customer intelligence and knowledge, which in turn can be used to modify and enhance current marketing strategies.

Your turn…
Does your company have a strategy in place to keep staff informed? If so, what kinds of measure are used to ensure they have access to and understand the material provided? Drop us a note in the comments section below and share your story or tips.

Instragram advertising is coming

After selling to Facebook last year it was only a matter of time before advertising was to be introduced to ensure Instagram could be monetised.


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world with currently a user base of 150 million each month, having grown 15% since July it’s a sleeping giant of money for it’s owner, Facebook.  It’s no wonder ads are on the way with that growth, although the dificulty will be,  where and how will the ads appear? Rumour mills on the internet suggest the ads could appear surrounding trending topics or search, which is what Twitter did.

Instagram ultimately want the ads to appear in news feeds which is where most people spend their time. The difficulty Instagram has at the moment is it doesn’t technically have the foundations to allow advertisers measure their campaigns. For example, currently account holders do not have any access to information that illustrates how popular their content has been. Advertisers will need this information.

The change will occur within the next 12 months , so those who don’t want to see ads appear can breathe and brands wanting to advertise have time to devise their strategies.

Need help with your social media management? BFJ Media can help prepare and manage on-going social media campaigns on any platform like Instagram. Contact us for more information.

7 Pinterest Marketing Tips

The pinboard-style photo-sharing site Pinterest has been rapidly growing in popularity among users and businesses. At first glance, the site seems to be another social media site used to share photos of outfits, recipes and DIY ideas displayed on aesthetically-pleasing Pinboards, however according to research conducted by Shareaholic, Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. So how can you take advantage of the whimsical Pinboards on your profile and start generating website traffic?

Facebook Shared Photo Albums Brisbane Marketing Agency

Here are a few tips for your business to get stared on Pinterest:

1. Set up a Pinterest Business account
Firstly you should consider opening up a business account on Pinterest or converting your current profile. Although it is not entirely necessary, it’s definitely recommended if you are planning on selling products via Pinterest. A Pinterest business page, similar to Facebook, will create a more professional and credible look for your profile.

2. Let your personality shine through
Your Pinterest profile should not be a replica of your website, instead it is a great place to let the personality of your brand shine through. Unlike traditional advertising, this social media platform is unique in that it allows your business name to get in front of people by others ‘repining’ your fun content. As well as showcasing your own work, you can use it to show more wide-ranging interests, such as a commitment to environmental issues, pictures of food you would like to try, places you would love to visit, or your customer’s pins.

3. Watermark your content
Adding a watermark to your images is a great way to make sure those who come across it know its origin. There are many tools out there to do this, it can be easily created in Photoshop or using Microsoft Word. Placement and size of the watermark is important. While putting your watermark over the entire photo will make it much more obvious who the owner is, it will make users less likely to share your image. For Pinterest it’s better to use a simple watermark in a corner, that way the quality of the image won’t be impacted and brand awareness will increase and direct traffic back to your website.

4. Provide Tutorials
Make use of your YouTube videos to get your message out there. Similar to images, YouTube videos can be pinned to boards so you can provide users with interesting and beneficial ‘How To’ videos. Pinterest allows for the video to be watched in its entirety from wherever it is sited by the user. Pinning videos creates a great opportunity to showcase your expertise.

5. Show off your current clients
One of the best ways to persuade potential clients or customers to do business with you is through highlighting the fantastic work you already have done. Not only is a board dedicated to current clients and projects an excellent way to brag, it also provides the opportunity to drive more traffic to your client’s websites.

6. Give a glimpse of behind the scenes
You can use Pinterest to show behind the scenes of your company with boards of your staff, location and industry, or other ways of using interesting images to shed led on what your business is about and offers. Service based businesses could benefit greatly from this and use it as a tool to drive sales.

7. Engage
If you want users to engage with you then it’s important you spend some time engaging within the Pinterest community yourself. By regularly liking, commenting and pinning, your chances of getting likes and comments from others as well as more followers are increased. Make sure you stay true to your brand and pin only what you feel is relevant and represents you business.

Need help with your social media management? BFJ Media, Brisbane Marketing Agency, can help prepare and manage on-going social media campaigns on any platform like PinterestContact us for more information.

Abbott vs Rudd: Who’s winning the social media votes?

kevin-rudd-versus-tony-abbott-social-media-battleWith only 2 days left until Australians go to the poles, social media data shows that while Opposition Leader Tony Abbott may be winning in the online war of Facebook, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has well and truly taken the rains in the Twitter battle ground. The 2013 Australian federal election will determine the members of the 44th Parliament of Australia. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will be attempting to win a third term for the Labor government against the opposition coalition, led by opposition leader Tony Abbott of the Liberal Party of Australia. Although ballots aren’t open until September 7th, results can already be predicted thanks to the social media hype. Social Bakers states that these votes are said to be the first Australian elections fully incorporating social media and the number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers became subject to strong accusations between the two hottest candidates. How do the candidates measure up? It is hard to ascertain the credibility of the figures with Abbott being accused in the press of buying Facebook fans and current Prime Minster acknowledging that some of his Twitter followers are not genuine. Despite this social media statistics are as follows:social-media-battle-rudd-vs-abbottWho gets your vote? Still unsure who will get your vote come election day, if so, here is a tool that may help you decide. Vote Compass, hosted by the ABC is an educational tool developed by a non-profit group of political scientists. Answer a short series of questions to discover how you fit in the Australian political landscape. Check it out and support your candidate by voting on September 7th, 2013!

Facebook Reveals Shared Photo Albums

On Monday, the world’s largest social network revealed the new feature of shared photo albums, allowing multiple users to upload images to the same album.

Previously Facebook users could only unload photos to albums they created, with the limit of 1,000 photos to each album. This new feature, aptly called “shared albums” enables users to create an album that can be shared with a total of 50 contributors, each of whom can contribute up to 200 photos.

Facebook Shared Photo Albums Brisbane Marketing Agency

According to Mashable, when building this feature Facebook engineers were looking to solve the problem of users creating multiple albums of the same shared event. The new shared albums will eliminate double ups and instead create the one location for viewing. It is a great option to those who want to show photos from a recent family holiday, friends camping trip, wedding or any other fun-filled event.

For those concerned about visibility of these photos, the shared albums keep in line with Facebook privacy settings, inclusive of three privacy settings, public, contributors, and friends of contributors. This grants the albums creator control over who can and cannot view the photos.

So when can we start sharing?

Facebook will be rolling out this feature to English-speaking users soon, while those in other countries may have to wait a little bit longer. Currently the functionality is limited to desktops, but Facebook engineers said they would be working towards making improvements such as increasing the 200 photo limit and adding mobile support.