Email marketing - extend the conversation.

Email marketing helps build brand loyalty and extends the conversation between you and your customers between interactions. It's a powerful tool to keep customers coming back to your business more often.

How do we do it?


We keep track of what your target audience is responding to.


There are many different reasons you might use email marketing strategies. What you're aiming to achieve will dictate what channel works best.


We create captivating concepts to bring you great results for the lowest financial outlay.


We produce great-looking, interactive emails that will keep your customers thinking about your brand - for all the right reasons.


Finally, we come back to you and tell you what's worked best so we can do more of it next time.

Email Marketing Facts

What could be better than opening an email full of news and special deals from a much-loved brand? And what could be more annoying than when a brand that doesn't get email marketing bombards you with unwanted, irrelevant messages? It's a distinction that sets apart the people who understand email marketing and those who don't.

BFJ Media understands email marketing. In fact, we find it a consistently effective tool for maintaining a relationship between our clients and their customers. Email marketing allows a business to promote special deals, sales, upcoming events, news and more. It helps extend the conversation between you and your customers between transactions and it keeps them coming back for more.

At BFJ Media, we build excellent email campaigns for our clients. From e-newsletters and bulk email campaigns to cross media automation, we have the tools to keep your customers engaging and responding with your brand - again and again.

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